September 20, 2020
binary option


Choosing a good broker is undeniably one of the toughest moves to trading as a novice successfully. My Binary Options Broker database and comparison can be very useful here as the internet broker range is quite broad and thus the opportunity to find a good broker. Find your appropriate broker in this honest review in a few moments.

Binary Options is a financial instrument with the potential of a high return on investment to exchange worldwide capital. It’s like betting on markets that are rising or falling. Only two options are available, which is why it is called “binary.” In a chosen time period you can gain a high return of 75–95 percent or you lose the sum of your investment. It is so common because it is a way to trade the markets very fast (5 minutes or less) and convenient. I must note here that you can also sell it for a long time.

Read the article for more information on the financial product and how it works: “How are Binary Options are working?”

In my comments, read more about them:

  • Expert Option
  • Finmax
  • Pocket Option
  • Expert Option 
  • Race Option
  • IQ Option
  • Olymp Trade
  • BinaryCent
  • Binomo
  • Ayrex 
  • Binatex
  • Binarium
binary option
binary option

If you can not choose between the most popular brokers, I recommend this article: “IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade vs. Binomo”

Enjoy Trading


If you’re looking for a good broker, after testing the agency, you should follow the next steps. Sometimes a bad and criminal broker scams the traders. We’re trying to prevent it with this review and comparison. In fact, Binary Options are very dangerous. You should only invest money that you can afford to lose. The following criteria can be tested to find the best company.

binary option
binary option

Good and Reliable Binary Options Broker

  • The broker’s official physical address
  • Regulation or license
  • Account for a free demo
  • Business interactions
  • Well Support and Service
  • High profit on assets and rapid execution
  • Clent-friendly trading platform
  • Mobile trading platform

Broker Reliability and Security for Traders

Looking at how long the broker has been on the market is important. I checked it easily from the financial companies ‘ homepage. A good broker gives you all the information you’d like to know. Some businesses have an international license or regulation. That’s good for reliability as well. In addition, in this review, I checked the broker address. As a trader, you want to clearly see the company’s official address. A trader should have faith in a broker at the latest. If you’re not sure, first invest a smaller amount of money and check the platform on your own.

High Payout and Investment Return for Binary Options

One of the most important items to remember is the income from the capital. The average payout for each Binary Options trade in this analysis is 75-95 percent. There are differences among the brokers. Through trading, every trader wants to make a high profit. If a broker has less asset profit like–5 percent, this can be a huge restriction on profits that you can make.

In addition, each time the payout depends on the asset traded. The broker normally makes the highest payout on the most traded asset. Additionally, the payout may also depend on the expiry time.

binary option
binary option

Which broker is the most profitable?

  • IQ Option
  • Expert Option
  • Olymp Trade

For each Trader, free and unlimited Demo Accounts are required

A free demo account should be given by the broker. It’s a virtual money wallet. The financial product is practiced and the trading platform is tested. With this virtual money, you can trade Binary Options without any risk. It is completely free to use. Also, traders can develop new strategies or improve their trading skills. Advanced traders or beginners try to trade new assets for the best success with this account.

On the other hand, the broker sometimes gives tips for analysis or strategies to their traders. To practice that new knowledge, the demo account is perfect. Trading is very complex and often finding the right way is not easy. This is the main reason why a demo account should be used. Before they invest real money, most traders gain experience first. With your own expertise, with trading in the right direction, you can get a high profit.

Real Account Opening Steps

It should be as easy to open a real account as opening a demo account. It’s very easy and fast in most cases. To prove their personality, the broker requires additional documentation and trader information. Attach a passport picture/copy. We sometimes need a utility bill. In less than 24 hours, the broker will inspect the documents and verify your account. Important information: only complete verified accounts are withdrawn by the broker. (The documents are not required by every broker)

What do you need:

  • Data Required: You entire name, home location, DOB, contact number
  • Passport duplicate (picture/image)
  • Sometimes copy of a utility bill

Review of the Support and Service provided by the Binary Options Brokers

You need good assistance and service as a trader. Most brokers display Binary Options experience and knowledge. In this review, the Binary Options Brokers provide you with the best and fastest support. Accordingly, with webinars, videos or strategies, they sometimes give traders a good education. For beginners, learning about binary options theoretically is important. It’s a dangerous financial product.

In webinars with experts, you can learn the basics and advanced trade knowledge. First, most brokers will show you the basics such as candlestick functions and the use of technical indicators. Usually, there are more than 30 different indicators on a trading platform. Finding a good working approach with them is often challenging. They also provide you with some advanced knowledge and information to govern the markets. If your deposit is higher, most brokers will provide you with better education (see account types).

Another service option is the type of account. Some brokers offer different types of accounts for large traders with high deposits and high trading volume. You can get great benefits as a dealer. They provide you with higher yields, better support, bonus, or cashback. In trading, this is a way to gain more profit. The broker, for example, gives you a 5 percent higher asset gain. That can be of great help.

Companies included in this review will support you regarding:

  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Education centers
  • Account types
  • Webinars, videos, strategies
  • Account managers
  • Telephone support


I tested the Binary Options Broker Review trading platforms. In summary, they are creative and very successful. They give you a very good rate of reaction that is important for short-term trading. It can be used on your computer or as a mobile phone app. They are also very flexible and customizable. For best strategies, use different indicators. I use Bollinger Bands and the RSI, as you can see in the picture below. You’re really popular with them.

First of all, the trade dashboard is the trading platform’s most important point. You should be able to switch very quickly between different times of expiry and create new businesses. Some strategies are designed to simultaneously open multiple trades. In my review, the brokers provide you with the fastest execution time. Second, very popular social trading. You can copy the broker’s best traders in some trading platforms, and make an automatic profit. They show you what they are trading transparently and you can start copying them.

The platform’s flexibility is another important point. A mobile trading app should be available. You can easily customize the chart on most platforms. Platforms are getting better due to digitization and the brokers are always trying to improve them. For your research, using free indicators and technological resources. In addition, the newsfeed can be used to trade exactly with high volatility. Business news is happening every day – Why not use it to make money?

The Broker Review Facts:

  • Rapid execution of your business
  • Customizable
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Utilize indicators or more
  • The available assets are more than 50 in number

You can trade Binary Options with forex, commodities, cryptos, and stock on the most trading platforms. For you, there is a great variety of assets. The yields are dependent on the asset category. More often than not, you get the highest yield from the most traded asset. On the platform, you can easily see that.

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and more) and Weekend Trading (OTC)

Every broker in this list provides the weekend trading service. The platforms are open around the clock. Trading on the weekend is permitted and promoted. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereumand Forex OTC charts can be traded on weekends. Cryptocurrencies are exchanged decentralized and they are open to the stock market 24/7.

The OTC Forex charts should be given particular attention. The stock exchanges are normally closed on the weekend, but the internal banking market is working on the international market. The volatility is much lower than during Monday–Friday’s normal working days.

The first steps to the success of your Binary Options:

  • Learn the basics of binary options. Trading information Binary can be found on the broker platform or on the Internet. Several websites are available for questions.
  • Develop a strategy that is successful. Most brokers will help you find a successful way to trade.
  • Use the account of the Demo. It’s a virtual money wallet. So you trade the markets without any risk.

These questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What do I want to do with binary options trading?
  2. How much would I like to invest in?
  3. Where do I want to trade on which market?
  4. How do I respond to losses?
  5. What are the winning chances?

Binary Options Broker’s deposit and withdrawal

The deposit is as easy as the withdrawal today. Most brokers need only a small amount of money to open their real accounts and provide you with market access. Use a credit card, cryptocurrencies, bank wire or other e-wallets to capitalize your account in a few seconds. It’s very easy today.

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